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One customer taken care of, is more valuable than €10,000 worth of advertising. customers more about you.

- Jim Rohn

Our Story



It all started at the start of 2019 in my rented apartment. Having always loved Consulting and Project Management, I decided to give my skills the wings to span out on their own. 

Shwan Consulting was born with a single-person team and has grown since!


While the idea struck in early 2019, it took real base in December 2019 and Shwan Consulting was born!

With a lot of aspirations, fears, strength, doubts, determination and willpower Shwan flew its first journey.

Though getting customers, registering the business and learning all about running it were still underway.

Image by Jeffrey Eisen


Shwan Consulting was born prior to the pandemic. Being a Customer's advocate, starting consulting in Customer Experience was a natural. But Covid hit and before even starting, the business hit a rock. But the determination to run it stayed and Shwan branched into marketing projects.

From struggling to find one customer to having served 5 customers in a year, Shwan Consulting has come a long way and has way longer to go!

Image by Milad Fakurian


Screenshot 2021-05-31 at 1.03.04 PM.png

Shwan consulting started managing social media for Het Jachthuis and we saw a great increase in the response. Our website hits increased by over 650% and social media platform to 375%


We would recommend their marketing work to anyone who is looking to get increased visibility for their brand. The designs are fresh and bright. The design are so clean and up to the mark that you would rarely need any changes.


They are prompt in response and once you assign them the project, you can leave your marketing worries with them! We would surely recommend their services.

- Mark Van De Poll, CEO

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