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One customer taken care of, is more valuable than €10,000 worth of advertising. customers more about you.

- Jim Rohn

Our Story

Started in a rented apartment in Rotterdam at end of 2019, Shwan Consulting was founded on the hunch of providing Technology companies with first-class Customer Success Teams. 

We spent our early careers in leading marketing and customer success teams working with clients such as Dell, Microsoft, Pfizer, Accenture, Dupont and the likes of it.

Through these experiences, we saw an opportunity to “unbundle” the customer happiness path. 

We believe the core value of consulting, an objective assessment focused on a specific opportunity or challenge, remain super-relevant and hence a thorough review of the existing process is always on our plan.


We’ve built "DELIGHT" as the foundation for our services - one that meets the nuanced needs of our clients and focuses on results. In our first two years of operations, we’ve helped over 5 startups on 2 different continents tackle their biggest challenges in retaining customers and building a consistent experience for customers

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Our Values



Respect everyone whether it is our client or our employee. Respecting every individual is core to us & our working



Business is a team effort. We work with our clients as part of their team. Our honesty in work and transparency in business helps us build trust with our clients which we are extremely proud of.


Clarity in Communication

We believe every assignment can be successful if there is full transparency in communication and hence we strive for clarity and clear communication

Why Us?

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Entrepreneurial Vibe

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No Fluff - Only Results

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Quality Delivery

Our Leadership

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Jaimala Wankhede
Founder & CEO

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Jaimala is the chief driver of our business. She is responsible for the business development, strategic direction and customer success project management

She brings with her 14 years of experience in Project Management, Customer Experience Managament, Marketing and Consulting. She has worked with the likes of Dell, Microsoft, Accenture, British Telecommunication and others. She is a strong customer's advocate and has a record of flipping under-performing operations to thriving businesses.

She has double masters in International Business and Entrepreneurship. She has sat on the board of many Entrepreneurial ventures in the Netherlands. She is also an angel investor in early startups in India and Netherlands.

Jaimala is extremely passionate about operational excellence to provide quality and timely delivery to clients leading into a happy customer experience. She is the driving force for the delightful customer experience we deliver at Shwan Consulting

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