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From -27 NPS (net promoter score) to +21


This project was to help one of our clients (name not disclosed for confidentiality purposes) move its negative NPS score (-27) to a positive one.


The score was for their IT team which provided Infrastructure services to other Organizations. The Organization was consistently suffering from bad customer reviews/feedback.

Within a year, we changed the customer feedback picture completely. From being unsatisfied, always complaining customer - we brought their clients to understand them, their processes and to be a happy one.

The transformation not only brought satisfaction on the client ratings but the employees also started being happier due to work satisfaction.

Our Magic Formula

Black Headphones


Listen to The Customer

Image by La-Rel Easter


Streamline Processe

Image by Fernando Hernandez


Monitor, Evaluate, Revive

Experience the transformative power of executing a similar project for your organization and witness the remarkable results firsthand.

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